Smart 3D Printing

Smart 3D Printing™ is the future of 3D Printing where your 3D-printer is connected to the Internet, where you can choose what to print without complex settings and where you can easily design whatever you like without being an expert on 3D-programs.

Tribility Core - Your way to Smart 3D Printing

By connecting the Tribility Core module to any* 3D-printer the printer will be easy and intuitive to use where the focus is shifted from configurations, settings and general complexity to be a machine of creativity.

The printer will be connected to your network and you can control it from any computer, tablet or even a smartphone. 

From one intuitive user interface you can monitor and control your printer, find new models to print from the online model library and give you full posibilities to design whatever you like with the built-in, powerful and easy to use design apps - for free!

With Tribility Cloud Service you will have a powerful 3D models processor, online library, models sharing and backup. All included.


* certified models

Wireless Printing

Control and monitor your printer remotely

Built-in Apps

With the built-in design apps, everyone can be a 3D-model designer. No prior knowledge is needed and it only take a few minutes to get your first model ready to be printed!

Pause and Resume

Pause your print whenever you like and resume it at a later time. Perfect when you have to leave your house/office.

No Complex Settings!

There is no need to change settings and tune configurations every time you make a model ready to be printed. Just click "Print" and the model will print perfectly!

Use Your Tablet or Smartphone

With Tribility Core you do not even need a computer to use the 3D-printer. A tablet or smartphone works great.

Online Models Library

Find models to print by browsing the built-in models library. If you like, you may share your own models so other users can print them as well.

Tribility Apps

The built-in, easy to use Tribility Apps makes it easy for anyone to design any kind of 3D model.
More and more apps are added to Tribility Core - Smart 3D Printing Platform continuously.

Buy Tribility Core

...and turn your 3D-printer into a Smart 3d Printer.

Byt Tribility Core from Creative Tools

Create Tools is a official reseller of Tribility Core.

Visit their site to buy your own Tribility Core.

Makerbot Replicator 2

One of the most popular 3D printers on the market is the Makerbot Replicator 2. 

Tribility Core works right out of the box with Makerbot Replicator 2.


If you are interessted in Tribility Core to use with your existing Makerbot Replicator 2 visit Creative Tools

Weistek WT150

The Tribility Core is a perfect match togheter with the Weistek WT150 3D-printer.

Weistek WT150 is shipped as a very simple to assemble kit (30 minutes of assembly). 

If you are interessted in Tribility Core bundled with the WT150, please contact us or visit Cretive Tools


The only thing that limits what you can make with a 3D-printer is your imagination.
If you want some inspiration, here are a few of the models we have printed!

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